Aquarium How To Clean The Underwater World At Home

The aquarium is an amazing little world. Watching fish is very interesting. But sooner or later there comes a time when every owner of such an underwater kingdom wonders how to properly clean the aquarium.

We will understand this issue consistently.

What to do?

Cleaning an aquarium is getting rid of all its objects, the walls of the unpleasant plaque that is algae.

There are several reasons that contribute to the rapid growth of algae:

1. Overpopulation. It is important to remember that for one fish you need 1.5-2 liters of water.

2. Overfeeding the fish. If the inhabitants of the aquarium do not eat food, it settles at the bottom and begins to decompose, which contributes to the formation of unwanted algae.

3. Stagnant water. In nature, it changes naturally, in your little underwater world you are doing this update. With a rare change of water begins to grow cloudy.

4. Bright light. Intense lighting leads to the fact that the water begins to bloom. It serves as a good soil for the appearance of algae.

We act in stages

So, the reasons are now clarified, let’s figure out how to clean the aquarium at home.

We start cleaning the aquarium with glasses. Wipe the glass with a special scraper or clean kitchen sponge. So you get rid of adhering algae and microorganisms.

In especially difficult places it is possible to use an edge. Wear gloves and clean tools to keep chemicals and bacteria out of the tank.

Cleaning the aquarium is better to combine with the change of water, so it is further to determine how much fluid you would like to update. So, if the fish are healthy, it is enough to replace only 10–20% of water. If the inhabitants are sick, 30–50%. Drain the old water into a clean, large bucket using a pump.

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Aquarium How To Clean The Underwater World At Home

In the next step, the bottom is cleaned. After all, this is where all the waste is accumulated.

In order to clean the aquarium with fish was convenient and safe, use such a simple device as a soil cleaner.

A soil cleaner is a tube with a glass or metal tip. They need to drive along the bottom, occasionally pressing to the ground. Along with water through the tube will flow and pollution.

If you have sand instead of soil, you need to clean it very carefully. Remove the tip and clean only with a tube. Keep it 2.5 cm from the bottom. How to clean the aquarium siphon can be viewed on the video.

We are engaged in decorations. They need to carefully remove, rinse in the old aquarium water with a scraper or a new toothbrush.

If jewelry is badly washed, soak them in a 10% solution.
bleach for 10-15 minutes. After that, pour boiling water over them and let them dry. Only dry scenery set in the aquarium.

Replace water. Remember the temperature that must be followed. Top up with tap water or bottled spring water.

Wait a while for the risen mist to subside and the water again becomes crystal clear. Do not use water purification products, as they only mask the problem.

Clean the cover, glass, outer walls. Do not use chemicals. In a pinch, you can apply to the wine vinegar.

It is very important to know how to clean the aquarium filter. After all, it accumulates harmful bacteria. Cartridges in the filter should be washed with water every week. Change them monthly.

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Finally, some useful tips for lovers of aquarium fish:

  • Leave space between the lid and water. This is necessary for proper gas exchange inside the aquarium.
  • Remember, warm water is too hot for many fish.
  • All the tools and materials you will be working with must be new and clean.
  • Remember, cleaning an aquarium is stressful for its inhabitants.
  • There are inhabitants of the underwater world who eat waste. Get yourself a couple of these fish.

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