Aquarium For Beginners Which Fish

Aquarium for beginners

The idea to start an aquarium (for different people) arises due to various factors (for different reasons). But the first launch of the aquarium is not easy. And if you do not prepare and stock up on the necessary knowledge, this can all end. It is also necessary to determine the type, shape and size of the aquarium, with the type of fish, it is very difficult, especially when purchasing the first aquarium.

Aquarium For Beginners Which Fish

Where to begin?

An aquarium for beginners is an ordinary glass vessel in which fish will dwell. But to create good conditions in it. it will not be enough just to pour water and run the fish, so it must be equipped with special equipment, various decorations and other necessary things.

Initially, it is necessary to determine the types of fish that will be in the aquarium. Starting from this, choose the design of the aquarium. If you start a cichlid, it is better not to use live plants, because they like to roll in the ground, they will pull out the roots or just eat plants. If you have guppies, you can fully use live plants. There are many design options and each of the options includes different elements (snags, soil, stones, artificial plants, plants, corals). It is also desirable to stick a background on the back wall of the aquarium.

After determining the design, analyzing what the fish will be, you should proceed to the selection of water filters. Filtering methods can be divided by equipment location into two types. external and internal. For small aquariums, internal filtration is suitable. a pump with a small washcloth, which is located inside the aquarium and filters the water through the washcloth. If the aquarium is large, then it is necessary to install an external filter. a prince.

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Aquarium For Beginners Which Fish

Which fish to choose?

After you have acquired an aquarium, you begin to think about "which fish should you have?". For those who have an aquarium for the first time everything seems simple. But in truth, everything is not even very simple. The choice of fish is influenced by many factors: the means, your nerves, the choice of scenery, the habitat and much more. The choice is so huge that it is very difficult to decide. Because of this, it is best for beginners to opt for representatives of the same group and with one habitat. So it will be easier to care for them. Because the fish differ, in addition to the appearance, by a peculiar manner of behavior, water requirements, living conditions, nutrition and a number of other factors.

Easy to keep and beautiful fish are cichlids. These are perch-shaped fish, for the maintenance of which it is necessary to restore living conditions close to natural ones. You can also add other kinds of fish to these fish, but having studied them beforehand.

The most optimal fish in a pair for cichlids are representatives of catfish. For beginners, the most suitable representatives of som are corridor, antsistrus, synodontis, and plexostomus. They not only diversify and decorate your aquarium, they will help to clean it, as somobraznye well picks in the soil, eats the remnants, cleans glass and stones by mouth. And while all of them are completely harmless and neutral.

Aquarium For Beginners Which Fish

Aquarium Care

In no case do not expect that a small aquarium is much easier to care for than a large one. In an aquarium with a small size it is difficult to maintain clean water, bio-balance and constant temperature. In a large aquarium, the number of bacteria supporting all chemical processes is much larger than in a small one. Temperature fluctuations are much less, since a lot of water is more difficult to warm up, or cool quickly. As for coziness for fish, it will of course be more convenient for them in a large aquarium. Paying attention to this should be determined in advance with the availability of service and the proximity of water.

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