Aquarium Fish Species Compatibility

Every beginner aquarist should know that there are special subtleties in the maintenance and breeding of fish. For example, it is required to know not only what aquarium fish eat. Compatibility of various species also plays a huge role.

It is important to know whether the aquarium fish chosen by man chooses to live in fresh or brackish water. Habitat compatibility is one of the main aspects of healthy pets. This should also include the temperature regime that is optimal for one or another species. Many aquarium fish, the compatibility of which in terms of the chemical composition of the medium is ideal, differ in their attitude to high or low temperature.

Predators pose a threat to “calm populations”

It is impossible to keep together predatory fish, preferably feeding on live food, and peaceful, which eat plankton, insect larvae. If individuals of peaceful species are large in size, the smaller predator may be wary of attacking it. But as soon as it reaches the required size, for the life of a peaceful neighbor, the owner of the aquarium should start to fear and take actions: divide the container with opaque glass, plant fish or give one of the species to another aquarist.

Sizes of inhabitants of an artificial reservoir

Putting together large and small inhabitants is a thankless task. After all, even those aquarium fish, whose compatibility in terms of habitat, water temperature and food can be considered ideal, will experience discomfort if an individual of a fairly large species lives alongside small fish. First, the difference in size will affect the amount of feed consumed: the smaller representatives will probably get only those crumbs that will be “scorned” by larger and stronger aquarium fish. Compatibility in the aquarium fish species depends on their size. By the way, even within the same species, one should adhere to the same rule: try to keep together individuals of about the same age and size. It is easiest to breed small schooling fishes: they are beautiful, quite unpretentious, affordable and do not require a lot of care. These are guppies, striped danios, barbs, swordtails, picnicia, mollies. But even here there are some rules: it is still better to keep the fry separately until they reach such a size that they can no longer fit in the mouth of their own mummy or papule.

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Aquarium Fish Species Compatibility

Many creatures on earth, including aquarium fish, differ in temperament. Compatibility of species prone to fights, with types of calm schooling fish is zero. Such "fighters", like Siamese warriors, that is, Betta Fish, start fighting even among themselves, what can we say about a quiet neighborhood with other smaller and less temperamental fish. Betta Fish males are even recommended not to be kept in the same aquarium. the fighting spirit is so strong in them. Some aquarium owners say that Betta Fish can even attack its own reflection! Astronotus has a similar temperament: two males closely "under the same roof."

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