Aquarium Fish For Beginners

So, the aquarium has been bought, all the devices necessary for the life of the fish have been installed, the ground has been laid, the water has been prepared, the plants have been planted. the last, but eagerly awaited, step is to fill the aquarium with fish.

There are many beautiful and at the same time unpretentious fish that are suitable for a beginner aquarist. they will forgive involuntary care errors caused by a lack of experience. Usually these are small moving schooling fish, up to 2 to 10 cm long. Their presence immediately turns any aquarium into a water world filled with life and movement. Here are ten fish that will be for newbies guides to the world of aquarium.

Viviparsing fish

  • Guppy, perhaps they are among the most famous aquarium inhabitants and can be easily recognized even by children. The males are guppies bright, with large, often voile, tails, the females are larger in size but more modest in color. they are usually gray, and only on a small tail there are bright shades. Guppies are diverse in color and shape of the tail, are omnivorous, do not pose a danger to other inhabitants of the aquarium, and therefore it is a pleasure to contain them.
  • Pequilly, like all aquarium live-bears, small in size (not more than 5 cm), varied in color, they eat both vegetable and animal food. They are peace-loving in relation to each other and other inhabitants of the aquarium, even the males do not enter into conflicts.

  • Mollies contained in the aquarium culture for over a hundred years. The most popular and recommended for beginners is the black molly. Against the background of other multicolored viviparous fishes, the dark velvet mollies looks rigorously and elegantly, its length reaches 10 cm. There are white, silvery and even spotted hybrids of these fish. for every taste. Like other viviparins, the black molls are omnivorous and need both animal and vegetable feed. They love algae and therefore will be good cleaners aquarium.
  • Swordtails. one of the oldest aquarium fish, they have been known since 1864. They got their name because of the similarity of an elongated tail fin with a sword. Unpretentious, different colors, active, rather large (females up to 12 cm), they are easy to care for and are suitable for general aquariums. There is one small condition. not to buy two males, they will compete with each other, fight and disrupt order in the underwater world. The best option is a flock of one male and two or three females. Swordsmen jumping, so the aquarium should be covered.
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Danio rerio

Danio rerio is a small (up to 6 cm) mobile hardy fish, frequenter of many aquariums. Despite its small size, danios look very impressive due to the longitudinal blue stripes that set on the fins. Danio prefers to live in a flock, so you need to immediately buy 5-6 fish. It is desirable that along with them contained the same small and peace-loving neighbors. Like swordsmen, danios can jump out of an aquarium, so it must be closed.


These miniature fish. the very peacefulness. Unlike many of their relatives, they do not even touch the fry, which can not be said about the larger aquarium dwellers who are not averse to dinner with the cardinal. The best neighbors for them are the same calm viviparous fishes.

Cardinals prefer pack life, and the flock should be large. otherwise the fish hide in plants, grottoes and lose their bright color.

They like cold water, up to 22 ° С, cardinals can exist in warmer water too, but their life expectancy is reduced.


In order to truly appreciate the magical glow of neons, you need to have a flock of these small fish. at least 6 individuals. Their distinctive feature is a bright blue stripe running along the body, and parallel to it is a red stripe. Neons are unpretentious, omnivorous, livable with other inhabitants, like shaded corners, so aquariums with a decor in the form of grottoes or snags will suit them.


Even among small live-beetles and neon rasbor seem babies: the length of adult fish does not exceed 3.5-4 cm. Silver with a dark spot and forked tail fin the fish are very playful, so they need a suitable company of the same active schooling inhabitants of the aquarium, such as danios or cardinals.


Unlike small schooling fish, gourami are leisurely and calm. Their distinguishing feature is the filiform ventral fin, with which the fish perceives the world around. Goura grow up to 10 cm.

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There are several types of gourami: marble, pearl, blue and others, equally original in appearance and undemanding in care. Gourami breathe atmospheric air, so the aquarium where they live is not closed. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully select for them peaceful and non-flushing neighbors.

Betta Fish (fighting fish)

Betta Fish looks luxurious, despite the relatively modest 6-7 cm length, and therefore it seems that such a beautiful fish should be capricious. In fact, Betta Fish is hardy, omnivorous, but pugnacious. it was not for nothing that in Southeast Asia they have long fought battles with the participation of these fish.

Betta Fish can be settled in a small aquarium. it breathes, like gouras, with atmospheric air, and the neighborhood of its own kind, especially males, does not lead to anything good. Male-Betta Fish can even chase a female, so for a pair of fish you need a spacious aquarium so that the lady can hide if necessary. In principle, Betta Fish can be shared with other fish, but it is advisable that they are not voile ones. Betta Fish may mistakenly take them for their relatives and attack.


Barbusy are diverse, but not all types of these fish are suitable for the beginning aquarist.

  • Sumatran barbs unpretentious, elegant, but very mobile. When stained content they need a large aquarium.
  • Barbus Clowns. They are also quite easy to care for, but they are even more demanding to space than the Sumatran ones.
  • Shark barbs require very large aquariums and more capricious in content.
  • Cherry barbs. the best choice for a beginner. Small, bright (especially males) fervent fishes will decorate any small aquarium.

Barbusses are good neighbors for the majority of small civilians in an aquarium, but it’s better to keep voile fish away from them. fins will bite.

Aquarium Fish For Beginners


Somiki are excellent “cleaners” of the aquarium. Some species clear the bottom of unwanted algae, others. the walls of their glass housing.

For beginners, aquarists recommend two types of catfish:

Corridors They are called shellfish, because their bodies are covered with plates. They are small (from 3 to 12 mm long) and are attractive in their own way, especially speckled and golden catfish. Their mustaches are directed downwards. their catfish feels the bottom in search of food. The corridors "clean" for other fish, eating food that has fallen to the bottom. Behind them is one drawback. digging in the ground, they raise the dregs from the bottom.

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Ancistrus, in comparison with corridors, they are rather large. they grow up to 15 cm. With the help of a mouth-sucker, they clean the vertical surfaces of the aquarium from algae. However, if there is a shortage of food, the catfish will switch to plants planted in the ground, therefore antsistrus need special feed tablets, as well as plant food. They are peace-loving towards other fish, but males can sort things out between themselves.


Angelfish. one of the most common aquarium fish, it is fond of both experienced and novice aquarists. Its size, the original physique and striped color can not go unnoticed.

Aquarium Fish For Beginners

You can’t call a scalar a small fish. its height reaches 15 cm, so it needs space for swimming, and therefore a large aquarium. It can be placed in a common aquarium, but with caution. such a neighbor-hunter is useless to small fish.

If you settle a scalar with viviparous fish, there will be no fry, if with barbs, the scalar can lose fins.

Good neighbors for these fish can become gourami.

The choice of easy-to-keep fish is so great that any novice aquarist can create a real miracle of harmony and beauty in his underwater kingdom: iridescent flocks of neons, phlegmatic gourami, strict molly fill the aquarium with movement and special, unlike anything else. It is only important to follow the simple rules of keeping these fish and not to settle in one house not neighbors with each other.

A win-win option for a beginner. take the fish of the same type (zvivorodok, barbs, gourami, etc.) and a couple of catfish. Then the probability of conflicts will be minimized, and the aquarium is clean. And it is also very important to observe a sense of proportion: no matter how much one wants to populate more different fish in an aquarium, one must first of all think about the comfort of its inhabitants.

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