Aquarium Fish For Beginners Your First Aquarium

Aquarium Fish For Beginners Your First Aquarium

Even if you read the encyclopedia on fish farming from cover to cover, small errors will still happen. Unpretentious fish can forgive some flaws, and capricious will just die. Beginners it is better to choose unpretentious aquarium fish.

Contrary to a common misconception, maintaining a biological balance in a small aquarium is much more difficult than in a tank over 70 liters. But even 20-50 liters can contain unpretentious aquarium fish for beginners who do not deliver a lot of trouble.

Small fishes

The fish from the family of petsilia are very simple in breeding: famous guppies, patcilia, swordtails, mollies. These small fish, in a small aquarium, you can run a flock of 10-15 fish and watch how they frolic fun between the plants. Percylievye fish very cleanly. If you give a couple of catfish to them, then you practically do not have to clean the aquarium. Antsistrusy and corridors. one of the most unpretentious catfish. Together with petsilievymi and catfish for beginners good and such aquarium fish like neons, danios, cardinals.

Another feature of the Pertsilievs is that These viviparous fishes. They do not lay eggs, but give birth to fry. And they do it quite willingly, if there are no larger fish in the aquarium. The appearance of young aquarium fish is always very happy beginner aquarists.

Big Fish

Ambitious novice aquarists may not be enough small aquarium fish. If you want to have larger fish, turn your attention to a variety of barbs. These aquarium fish are very playful and bright., Good for beginners. Barbusses are the second most popular after petsilia. But keep in mind that for larger fish the aquarium should be larger. In 40 liters, only one pair of barbs will feel good.

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Proud fish with long fins. scalar. almost a symbol of the whole aquarium. They are quite unpretentious in content, but they should be combined with other fish with caution. Small neons will certainly be eaten by adult scalars, and active barbs will not give rest to scalars, constantly tugging at their fins. To prevent errors in the compatibility of aquarium fish, novice aquarists often advised to start fish of only one species.

One fish

The choice of novice aquarists often falls on a goldfish. Despite the fact that goldfish willingly content with cool water, caring for them is not that simple. Goldfish with appetite eat up all the plants in the aquarium and at the same time quickly litter the water with waste products. For the maintenance of goldfish requires a powerful filter. Do not forget that sgoldfish love space. A small round aquarium with one goldfish is just a stereotype that has no chance of survival in the real world.

Nevertheless, you can fulfill your dream of a small aquarium with one fish, eIf you choose betta fish-Betta Fish. With each other, well-dressed males of Betta Fish cannot live in principle. They can be kept either paired with a female, or in splendid isolation. Betta Fish, though exotic fish, but quite unpretentious and feel better in a small aquarium of 20 liters than in a spacious one. By Betta Fish you can add a flock of small fish, they will not interfere with each other at all.

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