Aquarium Fish For A Small Aquarium

Fish for a small aquarium: how to choose

In a small aquarium should not settle a large number of fish. Acquire fish on the basis of the calculation that one individual requires at least four liters of water. If we consider that usually the volume of a small aquarium does not exceed thirty liters, you should not populate it with more than ten water inhabitants. In addition, it is necessary to take into account not only the number, but also the size of the fish, because, if quite large individuals grow from fry, they will be cramped and uncomfortable in a small volume of water. Consider also such a factor as the features inherent in one or another breed of fish: it is convenient for some of them to live in the lower layer, for someone. in the upper layer. Some species of individuals are inactive, others, on the contrary, require continuous movement. Some schooling fish, others prefer loneliness. When you fish a small aquarium with contradictory qualities, you risk disrupting their life rhythm and creating chaos in the aquarium itself.

A small aquarium is undesirable to populate predatory fish. Fish of tender, rare, expensive and exotic breeds are not suitable for this method of keeping, because in a small pond you will find it difficult to maintain comfortable conditions for them, such fish often get sick and die.

Of the viviparous fish, the most unpretentious are the well-known guppies, they are distinguished by their mobility and very beautiful coloring, their brilliant flock looks very impressive. Guppies breed well, so you need to ensure that the aquarium is not overpopulated with them.

By the guppy it is quite possible to add some bright swordtails, they are also undemanding and will add bright red, black and green colors to your aquarium.

Also very popular is the fish Betta Fish, known for its huge “cock” tail and the variety of the most incredible colors.

Black mollies are a bit more whimsical, you have to monitor the temperature and the purity of the water, and this fish prefers salt water.

Of the fish that spawn, for a small aquarium, barbs, small danio rerio and voile cardinals, which require an abundance of algae, are suitable.

Also, not to be superfluous are tiny bright neons whose flocks will always revive the aquarium and please the eye.

All these breeds are distinguished by the small size of the fish and their high viability. If you want to choose a bigger fish, you can buy striped ones, similar to a sailboat, an angelfish, or catfish, which, differing in large sizes and bright colors, get along well with any other fish. In addition, these beautiful golden, green, and speckled inhabitants of the bottom layer are tank attendants of the aquarium, cleaning the soil and walls from undigested food, dirt and algae deposits.

Thus, if you wish, you can populate even a small, with a volume of ten to thirty liters, aquarium with beautiful fish that will feel quite comfortable, get on well with each other and decorate your home.

Fish for a small aquarium

Many, having bought a small aquarium, do not know how to choose fish for it. Many people buy absolutely inappropriate fish, and this leads to disastrous results. In this article, will tell you about the fish for a small aquarium.

As you know, in a small aquarium it is much more difficult to create a sustainable biological system, especially for a beginner. Therefore, in our case it is necessary to choose not just small fish, but also relatively unpretentious.

It should also decide what we mean by the word a small aquarium. There is no exact distinction for small or large aquariums. Therefore, we simply define for ourselves that aquariums of 10 liters and 20 liters will be considered small. It is for the aquarium of such volumes, we will pick up the fish.

So, what is this fish for a small aquarium? You are already familiar with some of the articles: the most unpretentious aquarium fish. We just list them.

These are of course Neons! Ideal fish for a small aquarium. Thanks to its brilliant stripes on the sides, the flocks of these fish look very nice in aquariums.

Danio Rherio is also very beautiful, nimble fish swimming mainly in the upper layers of water.

Aquarium Fish For A Small Aquarium

Live-bearing kartozubye or simply Zhivorodki, though not all, we are suitable Guppy, Picily and Molliesia:

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Among the Labyrinth. this is primarily Betta Fish. Very common fish differing violent temper. Recently it has become fashionable to house one Betta Fish in aquariums of 10 liters or even less. A sort of desktop office mini aquarium.

As well as dwarf Gourami. Peace-loving and small fish (no more than 3.5 cm in length):

If you look among Barbusov, then this, of course, Cherry Barbus. One of the smallest representatives of the Barbus. Also featured by beautiful coloring.

And also sunshine barb (or dwarf):

Among the family Rasbor suitable. Rasbora Brigitta:

If we talk about soms, then the corridors will fit, namely Somik Pygmy, one of the smallest Corridors (2.5 cm).

As well as the Corridor Habrozus (3 cm):

Also among the Tetra family, Tetra Amanda will suit us (2.5 cm):

Also Tetra Red Phantom (up to 3 cm):

As a result, as you can see, there are quite a lot of fish for a small aquarium. Of course, we have listed only the most common and relatively unpretentious. It is them and buy in the aquarium for a beginner. It is worth saying that all of these fish can also be maintained in large aquariums. So many of them are schooling fish. And to a large extent. you can put a few packs of 8-10 small fish, and it will look very nice. Here, of course, there is a lot of room for fantasy. In small aquariums, we can not afford this.

It is worth remembering also about the compatibility rules for different types of fish. For example, the Labyrinth is undesirable to keep with Guppy (the first gnaw off the flippers of Guppy males). In small aquariums it is good to keep fish of one species (species aquarium). This is of course the perfect option. But not all he suits. Therefore, if you want diversity, you can make this option:

Several Danio fish (fish mostly floating below the surface), several Neon or Tetre or Rasbor fish (fish swimming in the middle layer). Choose any one, as they are better to take a flock. And at the bottom you can put a couple of somikov Koridoras.

In general, which option to choose is up to you. Good luck!

House for fish: the main parameters

It is tempting to present yourself as the owner of some tiger shark. But for the ocean beauty will need a "house" in excess of 10 cubic meters. Most citizens are unlikely to find a place for such an aquarium in their homes. And the age of beginner wildlife enthusiasts, as a rule, is small. It is not known for a long time their hobby or for several days.

In addition, certain material costs are required. Therefore, it is better to choose a modest aquarium and select small “inhabitants” for it.

The amount and size of its possible inhabitants, as well as their health, depend on the volume of the aquarium. The parameters of the "reservoir" affect the efforts to maintain the required temperature, acidity, water hardness and its saturation with oxygen.

Aquaria has a long history. During this time, many species of small aquarium fish found in nature have been resettled in artificial habitat.

Breeders managed to bring a large number of their varieties, differing in shape and color. Recent advances in microbiology and genetics have led to the emergence of so-called nano fish. This is a miniature version of the usual large fish.

Young aquarists are often advised to start by choosing guppies from the family of the Petsiliyevs. These bright kids with big tails are the most unpretentious and inexpensive of all types of babies. Can eat dry food, do not require aeration of water. Males grow to 3 cm.

Guppies are found in many freshwater warm waters. They are specially bred there to fight malaria mosquitoes. Guppies eat the larvae of these harmful insects.

To the same family belong not less popular types: swordtails and mollies.

Argue for the title of the most popular can neon (a family of tetras). They are distinguished by bright bright stripes on the body, sparkling when moving. Homeland neon. Amazon. The maximum length is 4 cm. They prefer live food, live in the middle layers of the reservoir, like cleanliness and spaciousness. On one individual must account for at least 1 liter of water. Neons are peaceful and get along well in the same aquarium with the same non-aggressive neighbors.

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There are also small aquarium fish in the carp family. Popular in the content of zebrafish. For their unique color. yellow-green with dark blue stripes. got affectionate nicknames: "ladies’ stockings" and "stripes". Rivers, streams of Hindustan and the north of Indochina are their habitat.

They prefer the upper layers of the aquarium, so they are easily combined with lovers of the middle and bottom layers. For the biological features of the development of zebrafish have become a kind of laboratory white mice ichthyologists.

Representatives of this species even participated in space experiments. Breeders derived a variety of leopard danios. More recently, even genetically modified fish have appeared. fluorescent ones.

Of the other carp should be distinguished barbs (about 15 species), and dwarf rasborov. These are active beautiful small aquarium fish, loving middle layers of water. Rasbora baby. the smallest of this family. An adult individual does not grow more than 1.5 cm. All carp fish perfectly coexist in the same aquarium.

The representatives of the labyrinth suborder (detachment perciformes) are surprisingly arranged. They received their name due to the presence of a special organ in them. the labyrinth, which allows them to saturate the blood with oxygen directly from atmospheric air.

Such fish are able to live in muddy water and stay on land for a long time. Crossword lovers are well aware of the name of the most famous of the labyrinth. It is anabas, able to move from one reservoir to another during a drought.

But when choosing a fish for an aquarium, amateurs prefer to buy other fish of this suborder. dwarf gourami. The oblong body oblate from the sides (3.5-4 cm long) of olive color with a strip of small dark spots distinguishes these peace-loving fishes.

Shy kids love all kinds of caves and shelters. An aquarium inhabited by gourami should be covered with a lid so that its inhabitants do not catch cold. An amazing feature of gourami is a characteristic rather loud rumbling during the spawning period.

Experienced aquarists try to keep the fish as naturalistic as possible and create a little resemblance to the natural biosystem in their pond: they settle bottom people in it. Small catfish are suitable for a small aquarium. They do not interfere with other fish, because they are constantly concerned about the cleanliness of the walls and bottom of the aquarium.

It is interesting to watch peace-loving, fun and active corridors. About 150 species of these catfish are known, the birthplace of which is the river of South America. Fish are able to breathe, swallowing air bubbles.

A native of West Africa. a small (3-4 cm long) flare epiplatis. got a completely Russian nickname. a clown pike for its external resemblance to the river heroine of our fairy tales. Males are distinguished by a beautiful torch-like tail. Peace-loving fish can not stand bullying and predatory neighbors, they can hide and even refuse to eat.

Up to 4 cm grows striped petsilobrikon. A distinctive feature is a narrow body with four transverse specks. In the dark between the first and second spots a dark band appears. Fish swims with a slope, head up.

Throughout the aquarium, another baby is confidently holding on. the nanostomus of the nididus from the lebiasin family. A small (up to 3.5 cm long) fish should be kept separately from predators. Its natural habitat is a small river in the Brazilian state of Para.

In 1929, a pandaki goby was discovered on the Philippine island of Luzon. From Latin its name translates as pygmy pygmy. Almost completely transparent fish feed on plankton and grow to a maximum of 7-15 mm. Her image is on one of the coins of this country. Some time ago, women of fashion wore even crystal earrings-aquariums with a tiny living fish inside.

The smallest and most interesting aquarium fish for home keeping are:

  • green gorady;
  • badis red "Scarlet";
  • light dwarf scissors;
  • danio "Panther".

These fish can be planted in a small artificial "pond" by 8-10 individuals. They are very interesting to watch. But you need to know. these kids are pretty shy, and if you plant other kinds of fish on them, they can get sick.

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Danio "Panther" is not left in an open tank. active babies can not only swim, but also jump.

Those who decided to purchase aquarium fish for a small aquarium should observe a few mandatory rules:

  • Fish less than 5 cm long should live in flocks of 4 to 12 pcs. Depending on the species;
  • The aquarium should be filled with plants and various shelters so that the fish feel comfortable, and aquarists can enjoy their beauty and unique behavior;
  • The kids are peaceful and shy, so neighbors, teasers and predators are unacceptable.
  • When setting up an “artificial” reservoir and settling it with inhabitants, it is necessary to take into account the illumination. the fish may need an additional light source or, on the contrary, the capacity will have to be shaded during the daytime;
  • Miniature fish are sensitive to water temperature, because their homeland is warm countries, and during the cold season they require special attention.

To keep an aquarium is not only interesting, but also useful. Observation of these beautiful creatures has a positive effect on the emotional state: it calms, removes negative emotions.

Fish, like all pets, require care and attention. Comfortably, they will feel in the aquarium and allow themselves to admire only when they are properly looked after.

Aquarium fish for a small aquarium

An aquarium with a volume of up to 50 liters is considered small. If you want to avoid the usual mistakes in the selection of fish, use the following tips from experienced professionals.

Tips for picking fish

When buying a fish, ask the sales assistant, what size it will reach when it grows up. Sometimes a small fish in time can turn into a predator, and significantly reduce the number of fish in your tank.

Maintaining the optimum mode in such an aquarium is quite difficult, so you should not buy too expensive exotic fish, such specimens die first of all in case of a violation of the eco-balance.

Calculate the optimal number of fish in the aquarium, based on the calculation. 3-5 liters of water per fish with an average length of 6 centimeters. Do not overload the aquarium with a large number of fish, they will be uncomfortable.

Try to get the fish of one "temperament". If some fish are inactive, while others begin to rush around the aquarium, the first is unlikely to get food.

Make sure that the vital volume of the aquarium is evenly filled, that is, the fish living in the bottom layer of the aquarium should be combined with the fish swimming in the middle layer and the fish near the surface

Fish in a small aquarium

The ideal fish in a small aquarium is a guppy. It is possible to purchase about 15 fancy colored fish, and this will be enough for an aquarium of 50 liters.

Small aquariums are well suited for swordtails of various colors. The red color plaits, as well as spotted and calico, have worked well. Black mollies more demanding on the composition of the water of the fish, it is necessary for them to add a little salt. All of these fish are viviparous, in addition, they require approximately the same conditions. In the small aquarium can be placed and the frivolous fish. Striped Sumatran barbs look very impressive next to mossy mutant barbs of dark green color. The small striped danio fish are very unpretentious, the cardinal form of the voile look very nice.

Fans of larger fish should purchase several angelfish or pelvihkromisov parrots. Any aquarium will be decorated with red, blue or ordinary neons, but these are rather expensive fish.

It is useful to put catfish antsistrus into the aquarium, which have the ability to clean the walls of the aquarium as well as the plants from green algae using the suction cup.

Combinations of fish

A good combination is the acquisition of 5 ball carriers, 3 catfish antsistrusov, 5 petily, and 10 neons. 5 Danios, 10 guppies, 3 swordsmen, and a pair of speckled catfish will get along well. Another optimal combination is the presence of 4 mossy barbs, 2 angelfish and 3 catfish antsistrusov. This list can be continued, the main thing is to follow the above tips.

Everyone decides what kind of fish to acquire, as long as they combine with each other.

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