Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

For beginners, it is better to choose those fish that do not need a huge tank and too careful care.

Aquarium fish Cardinal

One of the most unpretentious and funny fish is the cardinal. They are very hardy and eat any food. The water temperature should be 18-23 ° C, but the cardinal feels best at a temperature of 19-21 ° C. It is necessary to remember that the cardinal is a schooling fish, and you need to start them at once in a group of three or more individuals. For these aquarium fish the content is really very simple. They are very clean, so there is often no need to clean their aquarium. If they are left without food for a while, they can be killed and algae. Cardinals are very funny to watch, they are very mobile and playful.

Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

Betta fish

Another option for a novice aquarist. Siamese Betta Fish. They are pretty hardy. And, although for the best health of any fish it is recommended to install a filter in the aquarium, they can do without it, while being content with very small space. Siamese Betta Fish is larger than the Cardinal. They need warmer water. They have a drawback. they are very aggressive, so they need to carefully select a company. Betta Fish can even quarrel with its fellow. But still it is very beautiful, bright fish that can beautify the life of its owner.


Speckled catfish. the most livable fish. They are friendly and do not object to individuals, either their own or any other species. These aquarium fish are just perfect. They grow quite large. up to four centimeters in length. Somiks are thermophilic. they need a temperature of 22 to 32 degrees. They do not require special food, because they usually feed on what remains from the feed of other fish, but sometimes they need to be treated to special food that is sold in tablets. Such food sinks and catfish will be able to get to it faster.

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Guppy Aquarium Fish

Guppies. wonderful viviparous aquarium fish of the most different colors. They are probably the easiest to keep. They reproduce very well. If you bought adult females, after a while you will definitely have guppy crumbs. Guppies are omnivores, like vegetable food, including seaweed. Feed them carefully, overfeeding is very harmful. Guppies feel good in hard water, slightly alkaline. They can tolerate high salt content. But in fresh water, they can get sick.


Another decoration of the aquarium can be mollies. an elegant tropical fish. They do not like very salty water. These fish come in a variety of colors and they have a wonderful, soft character. They love greens, so if you plant a lot of water plants, they will be happy. Mollies prefers water 25-28 0 C. They are omnivorous, so that they can be fed with worms, flakes and plant food.

Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist


Gourami. a great choice for a beginner. These are big fish that sometimes grow more than 5 cm. They need a filter, because their main need is clean water. These beauties also love plants. They come from the tropics, and rich vegetation will mimic their native habitat. They are omnivores. Gourami. one of the few fish that can hunt insects flying above the aquarium. At the same time, gourami are not bullies and get along well with their neighbors. If you search for them on the Internet, you will see what these aquarium fish are, whose photos and names are very diverse. honey, blue, pearl gourami.

Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist


No less popular are the swordtails. Their name is not accidental: on the tail there is a long appendix resembling a sword. Females are often slightly larger than males. This fish has a balanced temperament. They can adapt to any conditions, but prefer rich vegetation and temperatures from 22 to 29 degrees. In food, they are also unpretentious, they can eat both vegetable and animal food.

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Very beautiful fish. cherry barb. This is the most unassuming species of barbs, originally from the island of Sri Lanka. Small, very bright fish of dark red color, which does not like loneliness. They should be kept in groups of 6-8 individuals in an aquarium with a large number of green plants. They do not like alkaline water, let it be slightly sour and warm. 22-26 0 C. They also need a variety in nutrition.


Very colorful danio fish can serve as an excellent decorative element of your interior. They have an incredible variety of colors. This is a rather large tropical fish. Danio. predators, they love worms, crustaceans and larvae. They can be fed with ice-cream feed, and they don’t also disdain alive. This is a rather sociable type, they can gather in flocks, both with their fellows, and with representatives of other species.

Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

If you choose your pets correctly, they will long please you with their presence, you can make your aquarium an element of interior decor. A search query in the types of aquarium fish photos will show how you have a rich choice. Only a little knowledge is needed.

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