Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

In this article we will help you find the fish for a novice aquarist. Of course, the final choice will depend not only on your preparation for the maintenance of the aquarium, but also on many other factors.

Among them, the main are the volume of the aquarium. At the same time, if you are a beginner aquarist, this does not mean that you need to start with a small volume. Even the opposite. medium sized aquariums can be more stable and easy to maintain.

What kind of fish to get a beginner

We will proceed from the fact that you, as a novice aquarist, contain an aquarium in the range of 50-100 liters (this is the volume we recommend to beginners). Accordingly, the size of the fish must be selected for the specified volume.


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

These catfish are great for novice aquarium lovers. Of course, one cannot call them completely unpretentious, since their optimal existence requires the creation of certain conditions, as well as water quality control. This fish is sweeper, usually lives on the bottom, and does not show aggression to other species of fish.


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

Small catfish, which is also perfect for aquariums presented volumes. A very active fish, however, more often shows its activity in the dark. Corridors will be an excellent addition to the species composition of your aquarium.


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

There are many different types of gourami, and most of them can perfectly live in aquariums up to 100 liters. Fish are very beautiful, and at the same time compatible with many species. A pair of gourami will surely decorate your aquarium with their presence.

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Sumatran barbs

Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

Great fish that you can start a novice. The barbs are not particularly whimsical, but they are quite spectacular. Fish of these is better to buy a small flock. They will be quite active throughout the daylight hours of the aquarium.


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

One of the most popular and unpretentious fish. that is why they are recommended for content by novice aquarists. Moreover, these fishes can willingly breed in domestic aquariums. There are many types of guppies.


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

Neons are black, blue, red, and also, including their shades! Great little fish that will suit any beginner. Buy a pack of neons from 5-10 individuals. When moving around the aquarium, their bodies will glitter with those shades to which they belong.


Aquarium Fish For A Beginner Aquarist

Gold is a classic aquarium case! Not to mention the fact that, according to Feng Shui, these fish bring wealth, they are among the most popular. They are really popular, and are great for beginners in the aquarium case.

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