Aquarium Fish Feeder

Not only us, homo sapiens, need to eat in order to maintain the vitality of our body. The fish, which we tamed and for which we are responsible, also need daily food, and if in nature the nature follows this, then for aquarium fish, you are the breadwinner.

Place for feeding fish in an aquarium (accommodation feeders)

Continuing the analogy with people, we can say that fish eat not anyhow where (restaurants and cafes do not count), but in a permanent place called a feeding trough. Fish get used to eat in a certain place and at a certain time, which has a positive effect on their appearance, activity and beauty. In addition, they get used to certain sounds, movements that are associated with the feeding process. So if each time before a meal, you slowly knock on the wall of the aquarium, you will see how in a few days the fish themselves will already swim to the surface of the water, where feed is dropped, even before feeding begins. But we in this article want to talk not about this, but about what equipment is best used for feeding in manual and automatic mode.
As a rule, the place of feeding of fish is a selected, limited by a feeding trough, place on the surface of the water. The feeder should be installed in the most distant corner from the heating devices, the output of bubbles from aeration in the aquarium. When feeding fish, it is better to turn off aeration for a while, which will prevent spreading and spilling of food from it.

Functions of fish feeders in the aquarium

And so, as a place of consumption of food for fish act as a feeder. Why is there another accessory in the aquarium. a feeding trough, because there are already so many of them? There are several reasons for this. We have already mentioned one. it is a permanent place for eating. Well, and secondly, the feeders do not allow the feed to spread across the entire surface of the aquarium, contaminating it. After all, the spread food can get into the corners where the fish will not find it, in the end it will rot. Also for live food the feeder is good because it holds heavier than the water of various worms on its surface. As a result, prevents them from falling to the bottom, where they can get lost in the stones and also start to rot.

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Types of feeders for aquarium fish

By and large, all feeders are divided into floating and automatic feeders. If you have met any other types of feeders, then these are the types of the main types of feeders.

Floating aquarium feeders

As such, the feeder, which would float freely (hence the name) on the surface of the aquarium is no longer to be found. We have already mentioned that feeding places are organized in fish, i.e. fix the feeders in a specific place with suction cups. But, nevertheless, historically they continue to be called that.
Floating feeders are enclosing structures made of plastic, which keeps well on the water. Usually dry food is poured in them, but if you insert a fishnet, you can feed the fish with live food.
However, having solved one problem. reducing the contamination of the aquarium with food residues, since the trough is in one place. we have acquired another problem.
Alas, water is subject to evaporation. And as if we did not close the aquarium, the water in it decreases, and sometimes quite fast. What does it threaten for trough? Since the trough is fixed on the suction cup, due to the decrease in the water level, it first bends, and as a result, when the water level falls below it, it ceases to keep the feed in one place, respectively, it spreads over the aquarium. The meaning of this trough disappears.
The way out of this situation seems to be the acquisition of a feeder with a guide along which the feeder slides along with the decreasing or arriving water. An example of such a feeder is shown in the photo.

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Aquarium Fish Feeder

. or a rotary feeder that changes its angle depending on the water level in the aquarium.

Aquarium Fish Feeder

Another type of floating feeders are the feeder with a removable lattice cone for feeding fish with live food. Here, it is not dangerous for us to lower the water level, since the cone is always in the water and is accessible to fish.

Aquarium Fish Feeder

Summarize. First, choose a multifunctional feeder so that the fish can be fed dry and live food, that is, with a removable net or cone. Secondly, choose a feeder that would move after the water level in the aquarium.
I also wanted to say that you should not overdo it with feeding. Throw less food better than more about how much fish can eat. What amount of feed to throw? This will come to you with time, that is, with experience.

Automatic aquarium feeders

Aquarium Fish Feeder

The purpose of these feeders is to automate the process of feeding the fish, especially if you have a lot of aquariums, and there are not enough hands for all, as they say. The design of the feeders is quite simple. As a rule, such feeders are attached to the side wall at its upper edge. Compartment with the engine, made in a sealed design. A compartment for batteries or accumulators, with an electronic control unit, is located behind the aquarium plane.
Above the water is a compartment with food. In the automatic feeder there is a timer that you set up, and which, reaching a certain point in time, gives a signal to the engine to turn the compartment with feed. As a result, at a certain time set, the dosing device turns and spills food onto the surface of the water in the aquarium.
The compartment with feed is provided with a door, which, being in the lower position, opens and feed is poured out of it. Upon further movement of the compartment, the door closes. The dose of feed, determined by you, poured out to the fish.
The number of feedings depends on the volume of the feed compartment. As a rule, on each compartment with feed there is a regulator of the amount of the spilled feed at a time. You need to correctly calculate its quantity. Feed should be poured as much as they can eat fish at a time.
Automatic feeders are sometimes supplied with fans to blow the feed so that it sticks together. A useful feature, but worth the money.
The advantage of the automatic feeder is the fact that you can not worry about your pets if you went on vacation, on a business trip, at the weekend to the country.

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Is it worth making trough with their own hands?

Our answer is not worth it. The aquarium is a decorative structure and a violation of its design, self-made, and far from highly aesthetic (sorry if you touched someone) “works” is not a rational way out of the situation. To achieve the accuracy and reliability of industrial designs, rather not succeed. Moreover, the usual floating feeders are quite cheap. Of course, there is always an alternative to cutting a feeder, for example, from foam, but foam, firstly, crumbles, and secondly, absorbs dirt into itself. After a while, the view of such a feeder for aquarium fish will not be presentable.
If we talk about automatic feeders, then this task is also more for a professional, and not only a mechanic, but also an electronics engineer. After all, the timer associated with the electric motor and setting it in motion after a while is also not a simple device.

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