Aquarium Fish Betta Fish

For those who love unusual and beautiful aquarium fish, perfect betta fish. All colors of the rainbow are present in their fancy colors. More lovers are attracted to these fish by their grace and large beautiful fins. Fish Betta Fish has 70 species. Among them, the best-known Thai Betta Fish. At first, these creatures could not adapt to captivity. But enthusiasts carried out a serious selection work, and now we already have the opportunity to see these lovely creatures at home.

Betta Fish Aquarium Fish. Compatibility

These fish got their name for pugnacious temper. They lead “wars” between the males of their breed, although they can attack the guppies, confusing them with a relative. Betta Fish get along well with the specials, speckled catfish, black mollies, gourami, antsistrus, tarakatum, seaweed, termination, and many more other species. But it is undesirable to settle Betta Fish with piranhas, akars, cichlozomes, telepies, parrots, discus, melanochromis and ctenopomas. These aquarium inhabitants can cripple your Betta Fish.

Betta Fish Fish. species

  1. Differences in fin shape: crescent-tailed, voilekhvostye, koronoshvosty, round-tailed, two-tailed, brush tail, flag-tailed, poster, delta-tail, royal (giant).
  2. Differences in coloring:
    • monochrome (from black and violet to white and orange);
    • two-colored (the fin or its end is of one color, and the body is completely different);
    • multi-color (different colors of the body and fins, passing color shades are possible).

    The dragon fighting fishes with a massive body and an excellent silver-metal cover stand apart.

    How to determine the sex of the fish Betta Fish?

    With this you should not have difficulty. "Cavalier" is usually somewhat slimmer and has a brighter color. Their fins are also longer than those of the ladies. The Betta Fish female has its own difference. Near the anus of females there is a small formation on the abdomen in the form of a white grain. It looks like an egg and becomes noticeable at 3 months of age.

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    Betta Fish Aquarium Fish Content

    To create a comfortable environment for your fish, you need to maintain the water temperature not lower than 25 degrees. If there are floating plants on the surface of the water, Betta Fish will not attempt to jump out of the aquarium. Maintain water hardness within 4-15, and acidity from 6 to 7.5. Layer of soil in 3 cm is enough. You can take a dark ground, because in nature, these fish live in small ponds with muddy water. And on this background, they look more impressive. Dark paper can glue the back wall, creating a good contrast. In the water, you can throw a piece of almond leaf, so that it a little tint it. The diseased individual must be immediately isolated and only then treated.

    Aquarium Fish Betta Fish

    Taking care of a Betta Fish is pretty easy. The minimum volume of the aquarium should be 10 liters. But in such a small aquarium only one individual can live. Putting other inhabitants in there is undesirable. Two males will find each other and arrange a fight. The female in a small amount of gentleman also pushes to exhaustion. Although the ladies are also aggressive and can persistent groom kill.

    Food for fish Betta Fish

    For food is suitable both frozen and live food. Betta Fish is not very picky in this matter. With a shortage of food, some aquarists feed them even washed earthworms. Pieces of food should not accumulate at the bottom of your aquarium. this rule is suitable for keeping all kinds of fish.

    How to breed fish Betta Fish?

    On the eve of spawning, a moth must be introduced into the diet of the female, containing many necessary substances for the offspring.In order for our future mother to hide from the male, the aquarium is supplied with artificial caves or grottoes, and some plant species are planted in it (anubiases, javanese moss or echinodorus). A stimulating factor for mating can be a slight, 3 degrees, increase in water temperature. After spawning, the female is transplanted into another reservoir, and the “father” is left until his offspring begins to move independently in the water. You can feed the fry with nauplii of Artemia, finely divided pipe worker or pounded dry food. In three weeks it is desirable to sort out babies who are able to eat weak relatives. With the manifestation of aggression, grown-up fish should be kept separately.

    Aquarium Fish Betta Fish

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