Aquarium Fish

Breeding ornamental and freshwater aquarium fish is one of the most common hobbies of not only children but also adults.

There are many reasons why people want to see fish next to them, and also aquatic plants. And, nevertheless, all aquarists. consciously or intuitively united by one thing: the love of nature, as well as the pleasure derived from observing the underwater world.
Also, aquarists are forced to engage in the joy and satisfaction derived from the caring care of fish.

Nowhere are the relationships between animals and the world around them traced so distinctly as in aquarism, here they are represented by the following dependencies: fish. water. other inhabitants.

We understand now from year to year, That we should be friends with nature,
After all, nature would have lived without us, without it we cannot live.
N. Dorizo

A full-time aquarist should be a professional in order to avoid possible mistakes in communication with living beings. To this is added a large portion of the spirit of the researcher. The aspects of learning and learning gained are coming to the fore. Actively engaged in aquarihistics, it is possible in the limited space to conduct numerous observations of the behavior of fish, and also analyze what they see.

The very first thing that a person who wants to make a corner of the underwater world should do is to reconcile this desire with members of his family. And only then decide on their preferences. At the same time do not dwell on any specific fish or other animals. Consider the aquarium as a whole, as a decorative item of your interior. Fish and other aquarium filling, its internal design you can always change, and the aquarium and equipment will remain with you for many years.
Choose the best aquarium and equipment for those inhabitants that you most liked. Make a plan for the arrangement of the aquarium and equipment purchases. In the future, try not to deviate from this plan, since inconsistency can be fraught with difficulties and excessive spending.

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Types of aquarium fish

Thornetia, Pristella, Hasemania
Gourami and Macropods
Betta fish
Slider fish
Goldfish. Cameta
Fantail, Vealehvost
Shark catfish Siamese Pangasius
Cichlids. Anomalochromis Thomas
Soma. Ototsinklus simple (Otocinclus affinis)
Ramirezi’s apistogram (Papiliochromis ramirezi)
Rhodostomus, Tetra. drunk nose, spawning
Apistogram trifasciat, Trekhpolosaya apistogr.
Gourami kissing (Helostoma temminckii)
Glass perch (Chanda ranga)
Brahigobius xanthozone, gold bull
Uteronot white-eyed
Iriaterina Werner (Iriatherina werneri)
Gourami fishing, giant gourami
Pseudomogil Gertrude, spotted blue-eyed
Corinopoma, tetra-dragon (Corynopoma riisei)
Cirrus catfish Mochokidae

Shrimps, snails

Shrimp. Neocaridina heteropoda var. Yellow
Caridina holthuisi
Green Lace Shrimp (Atyoida pilipes)
White Pearl. Shrimp
Bumblebee Shrimp (Serrata Shrimp)
Shrimp Golden Bee (Golden Bee Shrimp)
Caridina sp. Malaya
Caridina Simoni Simoni (Caridina Simoni Simoni)
Red Cherry (Red Cherry Shrimp, Sakura)

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Aquarium Fish

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