Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish are fish that are kept, fed, bred in aquariums. The main purpose of aquarium fish is to decorate the interior of any room (room, office, etc.).

Mostly aquarium fish in the natural environment live in subtropical and tropical freshwater. In this regard, for their maintenance at home they need a very high water temperature. That is why it is important to keep the fish in aquariums, which maintain the necessary temperature for the fish.

Many aquarium fish have very beautiful and bright colors, small sizes and interesting shapes. The most sought after among aquarium fish lovers are “goldfish”. Most often, aquariums are carps fish. This is primarily such as the family of the anostomid, calichtiida, charicinides, chemiodontida. Carto-tooth. viviparous forms and spawning). Perciformes are lunate and labyrinth.

Barbusses, guppies, zebrafish, angelfish, catfish, nanostomuses, neons and many others are also well known among aquarium lovers.

Aquarium Fish

Watching fish in an aquarium is very interesting and informative for people of any age. When children look at the fish and take care of them, they develop in themselves, thus, the skills of the researcher. As a result, the guys acquire a good need to care for living beings. It will be easier and easier for such children to get comfortable in life, because they will learn to find psychological comfort and contact with other people.

Some doctors involved in alternative medicine, believe that the process of observing the fish in the aquarium helps to quickly get rid of bad mood and stress, leads to normal blood pressure, and even reduces the risk of getting a stroke.

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Aquarium fish are popular with researchers in biochemistry, bionics, biology and genetics. Often, in the process of genetic work and experiments, completely new types of aquarium fish are developed.

How to choose the equipment and aquarium for fish?

It will be best to purchase a rectangular aquarium. The round shape of the aquarium should be bought only if its volume is more than 200 liters. The form is very important for the normal functioning and functioning of the fish. For example, if a small fish is placed in a small aquarium in the form of a glass or generally in a glass, then in most cases it will die quickly. The main reason for the imminent death of a small fish in a small aquarium will be a nervous disease due to the shape of the aquarium, and not water shortage, as most people might think.

Any fish needs 2-3 liters of water per 1 cm of its body length. Guppies are considered to be one of the most undemanding in water, as only 7 liters of water is enough for them.
Aquarium should be equipped with a lamp with a prolonged action. The lamp does not have to heat the water! In addition, it is important to place an internal or external filter, a water heater and a compressor for equipping the aquarium with air.

What temperature should be maintained in the aquarium?

The temperature in the aquarium should be set depending on the type of fish. The most comfortable for life is considered to be 20 ° C to 26 ° C. In addition, it is imperative to ensure that the temperature in the aquarium did not change sharply and quickly! In cold weather it will be enough to put the heater at the required temperature. In the warm season, you will have to carefully monitor the thermometer and, if necessary, replace some of the water in the aquarium with fresh, a little cooler. Sometimes gravy will have to do every 4-5 hours.

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To correctly know the temperature in the aquarium, use a thermometer. The tester is used to monitor water quality. Sometimes it is necessary to check the water for acidity, hardness and the presence of various impurities in particular laboratories that do not work for free.

In the aquarium, it is imperative to install lighting. The light helps to attract the attention of fish to food on the surface of the water and more stimulates the movement of fish throughout the aquarium. Moreover, the lighting is needed for aquarium plants, so that they have a better photosynthesis and growth.

As lighting should be used specifically designed for aquarium lamp. Conventional lamps will not work, because they increase the temperature by 3-4 ° C.

How to monitor the cleanliness in the aquarium?

It is necessary to maintain good order and cleanliness in the aquarium. Water needs to be changed as it becomes clogged and contaminated. 2-3 times a week will be enough. But in the summer, when there is a lot of heat, the water will need to be changed every day.
Filling the aquarium is permitted by spring and tap water. But before that, she should be allowed to stand for 8-9 hours. Tap water with a high chlorine content should be defended for 24 hours. Water from the rivers or boiled can not be used for an aquarium!

When you buy new fish, they must be kept in a jar with water from the aquarium. The walls in the bank must be wiped with a wet sponge, without the help of detergents and chemicals.

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Approximately one third of the water in the aquarium should be left with old, 2/3 replaced with new water. Fish is important to carefully pour out of the jar in her new water house.
If the fish are sick with any infectious disease, then process everything in the aquarium with special medicines. Then you have to air for 24 hours and change the whole water.

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