Aquarium By The Rules Of Feng Shui For Monetary Luck

A clean and well-kept aquarium with goldfish is the most powerful and effective symbol of feng shui to attract financial well-being to a home. Experts say that living fish or images with fish in the home is the most effective way to awaken good luck abundance and prosperity. Moreover, when you feed your fish every day, this creates favorable karma and, accordingly, contributes to the growth of your wealth.

Aquarium By The Rules Of Feng Shui For Monetary Luck

However, there are certain rules that are desirable to follow when placing an aquarium in Feng Shui at home:

  • secret number 1. a favorable place and shape of the reservoir;
  • secret number 2. the number and breed of fish in the aquarium;
  • secret number 3. you need to take care of small pets. The harder you take care of your fish, the more often you will smile at monetary luck.

[Quote] The water in a fish tank should always be clean and oxygenated. Only in this case the precious energy “qi” is activated, which supports the health of the fish. [/ Quote] Now let’s take everything in order.

Favorable shape and size of the aquarium

The choice of an aquarium for each individual dwelling should be approached strictly individually, observing the principles of harmony and proportion. After all, improper placement of water bodies can do more harm than good.

The size

An important rule: the size of the aquarium should correspond to the size of the room where it is installed. It should not be too big or very small. Try to keep a sense of proportion. Many believe that the larger the container with water, the better. However, this is misleading. Excess water makes a good feng shui bad and becomes a source of great trouble. You can symbolically choke with plenty of water. Balance is very important. Make sure that the size of the aquarium is selected correctly.

The form

Choosing an aquarium, it is important to choose a favorable shape that will enhance the action of the water body.

In accordance with the five elements of Feng Shui, the most successful is considered to be a rectangular or round shape of an aquarium. Square ponds that correspond to the element "earth", it is desirable to avoid.

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Where better to put an aquarium with fish on Feng Shui?

The location of the aquarium according to the rules of Feng Shui depends on the goals that you pursue. It is best to put the aquarium in one of the common rooms, where everyone can enjoy the aquarium inhabitants. Favorable is also considered the location of the reservoir to the left of the entrance to the premises.

  • to activate the energy of money and abundance it is very favorable to keep in the living room an aquarium with fish, especially in the southeast. The most suitable for these purposes aquarium fish feng shui. it is "gold". It is important that the water in the aquarium always murmurs, because it is the moving water that attracts the favorable energy “qi” into your home. So do not forget to install an aerator;
  • An aquarium in the north of your home contributes to the activation of career success. For these purposes, a decorative flask with water is also suitable, in which air bubbles boil;
  • if your house is constantly boiling passion and frequent conversations on high tones, put an aquarium or bowl with stagnant, calm water in the north-west;
  • water talisman can also be placed in the corner of the room. In this case, it symbolizes some secret happiness that is present in the house.

[Quote] A universal place to place an aquarium on the principles of feng shui is the east of your house or apartment. Here, a traditional aquarium will be useful both for the extension and health of the genus, and for business development. [/ Quote]

What are the most suitable fish?

In fact, almost all types of fish, which have a favorable color, create a good feng shui, although the temperament and habits of fish are also important. Therefore, you can choose any fish that you like. However, from the point of view of attracting money, goldfish according to Feng Shui is preferable, and here’s why.

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The Chinese word “Kum Yu” carries a double meaning: “goldfish” and “gold abound.” Therefore, it is goldfish that is considered a symbol of wealth and abundance in feng shui science. By the way, they used to be incredibly expensive, and only very wealthy people could afford them.

To attract money luck, choose brightly red, necessarily healthy and mobile individuals. Sick and sluggish fish are not suitable for the role of a money magnet.

Number of fish

The most universal option is to keep in the aquarium 8 fish of golden shades (red, bright orange or silver-red) and 1 fish of completely black color, which will symbolically protect your money from losses.

According to feng shui theory, the number “9” means harmony between heaven and earth. Therefore, it is precisely the number of fish in the aquarium, with proper and attentive care, that will contribute to your financial prosperity, happiness and comfort.

For maximum happiness and good luck, the number of fish may be more "9". However, their number should still be a multiple of nine: there may be 18, 38 fish, etc.

If you have a very small aquarium, you can keep a smaller number of fish. In this case, a suitable amount: 1, 4 or 6.

If the fish died.

Do not worry too much if one or more of your fish have died. Just as soon as possible, replace them with new and healthy fish. It will be useful to conduct a course of treatment and disinfection of the aquarium, top up with fresh water. According to legend, the dead fish takes away trouble from you. So just thank her for taking your concerns with you.

The main taboos in the arrangement of aquariums

A vessel with fish should not stand in the southern part of the house. from this there will be more harm than good.

Masters do not advise to put aquariums in the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, in the kitchen is a family hearth or a large fire that is incompatible with water. Water and fire. one of the most conflicting combinations. Try to avoid it. In addition, the aquarium in the kitchen can adversely affect the course of pregnancy.

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Never have an aquarium in the bedroom. From the point of view of feng shui, this is detrimental to the health of sleepers and can lead to large financial losses. For the same reason, you should not place pictures with picturesque water landscapes, waterfalls and lakes in the bedroom.

If the aquarium is in the nursery or in the classroom, it should be placed in the place where it will be least likely to attract children’s attention. Otherwise, the children will become disobedient and will learn poorly.

It is strongly not recommended to sit with your back to the water. it is always unfavorable. Therefore, if in your office or home an aquarium is behind you, immediately change the layout of the furniture. In order for the fortune you smiled, it is better to always sit facing the water.

Another unfavorable sign is to locate the aquarium where the sharp corners of the walls or other sharp interior objects are directed at it.

Additional activation of the water body

The magic power of an aquarium with fish can be additionally activated with other money talismans feng shui:

  • a model of a treasure ship or a chest of gold coins can be placed at the bottom, which will symbolize the wealth that comes to you;
  • on the edge of the aquarium, you can put a money frog Feng Shui;
  • beautiful and healthy algae are also a sign of good feng shui.

It is desirable that the aquarium was decorated in a natural style. Do not clutter up the aquarium with a large number of objects that are strange and unnatural for reservoirs.

Let a reservoir with magical fish bring your home success, abundance and wealth.

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