Aquarium 20 Liters Of Some Fish You Can Get

Not every aquarist lover can house a large aquarium at home. Others do not find enough time for proper care. In such cases, the best solution would be a small aquarium of 20 liters. It will take a little space, it is possible to place on the desk and take care of it needs less time. It is suitable for beginner fish distributors.


Soil is used to create an ecosystem. Algae are planted in it and the scenery is strengthened. It is easier to purchase ready-made primer, which is sold in various colors and materials. It is allowed to collect the soil independently, but this option is more suitable for already experienced aquarists.

Filling begins directly with the laying of the soil. Before placing, the soil should be treated. If the soil is made from natural materials, it should be filtered and calcined to destroy the bacteria that cause harm to the fish. The optimum soil thickness for a 20-liter aquarium is 3-4 cm.

Aquarium 20 Liters Of Some Fish You Can Get

The next step in preparation is filling with water. The liquid must be prepared in advance. settled for 2-3 days for the chlorine to evaporate. Prepared clean water should be poured carefully and slowly so as not to disturb the soil.

You should periodically monitor the water, as it gradually evaporates. Therefore, it is recommended to have a supply of clean water to supplement.

Water replacement is individual for different types of fish. But do not completely change the water, the fish do not like drastic changes. It is better to change the water in the aquarium 1/3 of water every one to two weeks.

Aquarium 20 Liters Of Some Fish You Can Get


After placing the soil and filling with water, we carry out the design of the aquarium.

Plants are needed not only for beauty. They perform two important functions. Firstly, they emit additional oxygen, which is necessary for a small aquarium if there is no artificial aeration of water. Secondly, the algae serve as a shelter for small fishes and perfectly hide the equipment installed in the aquarium so that it does not interfere with admiring the underwater world.

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It should be borne in mind that live plants for a small aquarium require proper maintenance, otherwise they can get sick, and that hello to the diseases of fish. To avoid this, plants can be replaced with artificial ones. They look no worse and require little maintenance.

Aquarium 20 Liters Of Some Fish You Can Get

Optional equipment

In order for the aquarium to function normally and residents were comfortable in it, it is recommended to arrange it with equipment:

The filter purifies water, as a result of which the frequency of water replacement decreases and the microclimate is maintained. For the correct design of an aquarium of 20 liters is difficult to choose a stationary filter, more suitable remote. When choosing a filter, you should take into account its size. in working condition it should be completely immersed in water so that it does not touch the bottom. It is also important that the filter capacity matches the volume of water.

An excellent solution to install in the aquarium 20 liters portable filter aerator. This device not only cleans water from pollution, but also returns it, already saturated with oxygen, which makes it possible to refuse to install the compressor.

The compressor is no less important than the filter device. It fills the water with additional oxygen necessary for its inhabitants and plants. In choosing a compressor, as well as with a filter, you need to take into account its size. For a small aquarium does not fit a large compressor, because excess oxygen can cause harm to underwater inhabitants, as well as its lack.

Aquarium 20 Liters Of Some Fish You Can Get

Light is necessary both for the normal functioning of fish (day and night), and for the photosynthesis of plants. Some fish have enough table lamps. And yet it is recommended to install full lighting. But it should be noted that in the presence of additional lighting and a heater can lead to overheating of water, which the fish do not like at all. The best solution to this problem is energy-saving lamps. The light should not be permanently on or permanently off, the fish need a natural change of time of day. Therefore, it is better if the light is turned on during the day and turned off at night.

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The optimal water temperature for most species of fish is from 22 ° to 26 °. But there are also lovers of coolness (for example, gold aquarium fish), preferring from 18 to 23 °. There are also heat-loving fish, which are more suitable temperature 27-30 °. Therefore, the installation of the heater is determined by the room temperature and a type of underwater inhabitants.

The heater is installed almost any, the main thing is not to forget to monitor the temperature. The device should not be left on all the time, otherwise the water will quickly overheat. In order to monitor the temperature, it is recommended to install a thermometer or a heater equipped with thermoregulation. Such equipment independently monitors and adjusts the temperature of the water.

Running aquarium

After the ground is laid, the prepared water is flooded, the scenery and plants are placed, the equipment should be carefully installed and the aquarium should be started. If everything is in order for the settlement. run new tenants. Relocate the fish should only be in clean, already defended water, along with the water in which they were transported.

Watch an interesting video about launching an aquarium of 20 liters.

Who to settle in a 20-liter aquarium

In a 20-liter aquarium, quite a few species of fish can fit:

  • People who are just starting their "aquarium" hobby, have a guppy. These are small (male. 2-5cm, female. 3-7cm), peaceful fish. They are very unpretentious and very simple to keep them. Have a variety of bright colors. They are viviparous fish and breed a lot, the amount exceeds the desired. The optimal temperature for which. from 24 to 26 °, but they get along perfectly in the range from 18 to 28 °.
  • Another suitable inhabitant for a small aquarium is the neon fish. They are also unpretentious and peaceful. Because of the color, it seems that these fish for a small aquarium glow. The optimum temperature for them is 22-26 °.
  • Also in the 20-liter aquariums it is possible to colonize the Sword. This is also a peaceful fish, but the males of this species can fight among themselves. Sword-bearers have different colors, prefer water with a temperature of 24-26 °.
  • Whom to settle in the same conditions and good content: Cardinals, Betta Fish, Norman blue-eyed and Danio fish.
  • It is recommended to wind up catfish in a small aquarium, which is an orderly for its habitat; it cleans the bottom and other surfaces from green deposits and dirt. Feel comfortable at a temperature of 22-26 ° and like to hide. A vessel of 20 liters is quite suitable for one large individual.
  • Snails are another orderlies who will complement the home underwater world well. They eat anything and get along with everyone.
  • Lovers of the exotic, it can run frogs and shrimp.
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Aquarium 20 Liters Of Some Fish You Can Get

An aquarium of 20 liters, despite its small size, may well fulfill the people’s dream of a home underwater world. Especially if they do not have enough space for a larger aquarium, or not enough time to care for the aquarium.

See how you can arrange an aquarium of 20 liters.

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