A Few Tips For A Beginner Aquarist Or Why You Can Not Keep Aquarium Fish In The Bank

So, you decided to start aquarium fish and do not know where to start?

The first thing you need to equip a home for your new pets.

Ideally, prepare an aquarium should be before you acquired your first fish.

The basic rule for arranging an aquarium is that fishes live well only in conditions as close as possible to natural ones. Therefore, you should try to create these conditions in the aquarium for its future young inhabitants.

When choosing an aquarium, it is important to correctly calculate its volume, focusing on the size of its inhabitants by the time they are fully grown. At 1 cm of the body length of the fish should have at least 1 liter of water in the aquarium. Of course, certain types of fish for some time can live in a simple three-liter jar. But this is only a temporary measure until their relocation. For their constant maintenance, a container with a large volume of water is necessary. Even for two small fish, a 3-liter jar will obviously not be enough!

In addition to the volume of water in the aquarium, the shape of the tank in which the fish live also matters. To create favorable conditions, especially with regard to oxygen balance, the larger the width of the aquarium exceeds the height, the better. This is due to the greater surface area of ​​the water in the wide aquarium, and, consequently, the best gas exchange. To ensure normal gas exchange for the life of the fish in a 3-liter jar is impossible. And yet, the fish will simply be afraid of the mirror surface of the empty bottom of a round can.

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Aquariums equip aerators. Aeration saturates water with oxygen, equalizes the temperature in all layers of water, stabilizes the redox potential of water. In addition, a stream of air bubbles sets water in motion, and in flowing water the fish grow and reproduce better.

Of great importance for the life of fish and aquarium plants is the water temperature. For an aquarium populated by several species of fish, a temperature of 24-25 degrees will do. The temperature should not fluctuate much, otherwise it will lead to stress and the incidence of fish, as well as adversely affect all biological processes in the aquarium. In a small aquarium it is more difficult to keep the temperature constant than in a large one. To maintain the temperature, aquariums are equipped with heaters. All this can not be done in a three-liter jar.

It is very important to think about lighting the aquarium. Lighting gives not only a decorative effect. Light is necessary for all the inhabitants of the aquarium. Prolonged content in the dark can lead to stress and illness of the fish.

Aquarium water is the life space of the fish, so the most important thing is to properly prepare the water for the aquarium. Water must be settled, purified from mechanical and chemical contamination using filters, and perform a biological function. For this, the aquarium is populated with live plants. After pouring water into the aquarium, biological processes begin to occur in it. The development of bacterial colonies takes time, so you can not hurry. First populate the aquarium with plants. To speed up the emergence of a favorable environment for fish life, you can add some water from a long-established prosperous aquarium. After a couple of weeks, you can populate the first hardy fish.

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In addition, it is important to fill the aquarium with soil (it also performs the function of a natural filter) and equip various shelters (pebbles, snags) that will make your aquarium as close as possible to the natural habitat of fish.

Here is my very short review on the maintenance of aquarium fish.

A Few Tips For A Beginner Aquarist Or Why You Can Not Keep Aquarium Fish In The Bank

I hope I convinced you that you should not keep fish in a 3-liter jar?

Passion for aquarium fish is quite a laborious and costly business, but still quite doable.

If you seriously decide to take aquarium fish, you will find the information from the following sources very useful:

Approach your passion with love and knowledge, and your new pets will be healthy, lively, cheerful and will give you a lot of satisfaction, aesthetic pleasure, as well as real peace and relaxation.

A Few Tips For A Beginner Aquarist Or Why You Can Not Keep Aquarium Fish In The Bank

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