7 Popular Reasons For Dying Fish In An Aquarium What To Do, Prevention

The appearance of dead fish is a common problem. Most often the fish die in novice aquarists because of the wrong content. If the inhabitants are created conditions that are as close as possible to the natural, they will be distinguished by good health and activity.

What to do when detecting dead fish

Death does not occur without apparent reason. It is possible to reveal what became the occasion, it is possible by external examination. When a dead fish is found in an aquarium, you should:

  1. Remove the dead body. If this is not done on time, decomposition and poisoning of the aquatic environment and its inhabitants will begin.
  2. Assess the integrity of the scales, fins and tail, the appearance of the abdomen and eyes. An examination may indicate that her neighbors have crippled her, poisoning or illness.
  3. Check the water with the help of tests. The exact result will provide drip tests, they are worth paying special attention to. Perhaps the content of ammonia and other harmful substances in the water is exceeded.
  4. Inspect the aquarium and count the number of inhabitants, make sure that they are all healthy.

Why can die fish in an aquarium

The reasons why fish die are different, and often it depends on the conditions of detention. Sometimes several factors lead to the death of aquarium inhabitants.

The bad health of fish, which can lead to death, contributes to:

  • lack of oxygen;
  • overfeeding;
  • sharp change of water parameters.

It is important to pay attention to the ability to get along with each other. So, why fish are dying, there may be an error in the selection of neighbors.

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In case of detection of hazardous chemicals in the aquatic environment, the inhabitants should immediately be transplanted into a clean container. It is desirable that the liquid was settled, and the temperature coincided with that in which they live. After this, the tank is cleaned and water is changed up to 25%, filtration and aeration is enhanced. Special charcoal is added to the filter.

Water temperature

When the temperature is too high or low (optimal is 25 degrees), the fish become lethargic and in some cases die. In summer, the liquid heats up, the oxygen content in the water drops, and the population of the aquarium suffocates.

It is necessary to check the serviceability of the compressor, as well as lower the temperature of the aquatic environment. Sometimes it is enough to have an ordinary air conditioner that can cope with room heat, thereby cooling the water. You can also use frozen bottled water, but you will need a constant replacement of ice. In addition, it provokes sharp temperature drops, which is undesirable.

Water quality

Chemicals must comply with approved standards. Some rocks die from elevated levels of iron, copper or zinc, so metallic decorations will have a detrimental effect on them. Water should be soft or moderate hardness, the level of acidity. neutral. Care must be taken to avoid turbidity and no smell of rot.

7 Popular Reasons For Dying Fish In An Aquarium What To Do, Prevention


You can not dramatically change the parameters of water, it will cause residents stress. Sometimes rapid adaptation leads to death. Populate need in stages:

  1. First, the newcomers adapt to the temperature in the vessel. For this package with fish immersed in the aquarium for at least 15 minutes.
  2. A small amount of aquarium water is added to the package.
  3. After 15–20 minutes, some more water can be added to the package.
  4. Topping up the fluid with indicated time intervals is performed at least three times.
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Lack of oxygen

The frequent reason fish die is the lack of oxygen. It arises not only as a result of an increase in temperature, but also from the growth of algae, changes in the parameters of the bacterial film above the surface, outbreaks of ciliates and other organisms.

With a lack of oxygen, it is necessary to intensify aeration and partially replace water. For aeration in the aquarium, it is better to purchase a separate compressor.

7 Popular Reasons For Dying Fish In An Aquarium What To Do, Prevention

Feed quality and overfeeding

Cheap feed does not fully meet the individual needs of a particular breed. Therefore, to save on food for pets in any case impossible. Overfeeding aquarium dwellers also should not. Enough to pour as much food as will be eaten in 5 minutes. Otherwise, the excess feed will rot in the ground and will accelerate the pollution of the aquatic environment, and the fish will start to die.

Aggressive neighbors

Small fish will be eaten if you put them in the same container with aggressive predators. Intraspecific clashes are also common, for example, in Betta Fish and some cichlids. Conflicts may also occur depending on gender. It is necessary to acquire fish with confidence in their peace-lovingness and well knowing their features.


The discovery of dead fish during spawning indicates that the aquarist did not take into account the behavior of the fish. Some species, such as gourami and cichlids, carefully guard their offspring, showing hostility towards other inhabitants. Sometimes you will need a spawning aquarium, where the female, male and offspring are placed. However, often the parents do not show care, the eggs can be eaten at all.

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Most often, diseases appear with new inhabitants. Even at the stage of acquiring an aquarist, it is worthwhile to trace the activity and appearance of the fish; nothing should be suspicious. No need to immediately hook it up with the rest of the aquarium pets. It is recommended to place new fish for 2-4 weeks in a separate tank. Symptoms appear gradually, so they will not die for no apparent reason. After quarantine, a healthy fish is placed in a common container.

When a disease is detected, it is necessary to remove infected individuals, increase aeration and resort to daily replacement of 10% of aquarium water. If you identify a disease that causes fish to die, you can carefully use the medicine.


In most cases, the fish die in the aquarium because of the negligence and careless attitude of the owner. Every day you need to recalculate the number of fish and monitor their interaction, once every 1-2 weeks to siphon the soil, if necessary, change the water. The task of the aquarist is to do everything for the full life of the fish and to respond in time to the changes taking place in the aquarium.

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