20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

You want to join the aquarium, so we need basic knowledge. For novice aquarists and those who do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time caring for aquatic inhabitants, there are unpretentious aquarium fish. The content comes down to feeding and water changes.


The birth of offspring is characteristic for the live beetle without laying off caviar. They differ from the endurance by endurance and unpretentiousness. Most species are suitable for beginners.


The most unpretentious and tenacious fish for a small aquarium. For many, passion for aquarism begins with guppies. Survive in an aquarium without an aerator and filter. Tiny fish are kept in flocks of at least 5 individuals. Non-conflict and playful look.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Unpretentious aquarium inhabitants with a body length of up to 10 cm. Received the name due to the characteristic shape of the tail. Contained in groups of 3-4 and more.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Reach 10 cm in length, in different colors. For mollies, weekly water changes, soil cleaning, filtration and oxygenation are required.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Hardy fish with coloring options. These close relatives of the swordmen grow up to 4 cm. Unpretentious to the parameters of water. Do not belong to the school. Permissible content with related species.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Popular inhabitants of freshwater aquariums. Decorative natives of the carp family are bred selectively and are known for their diverse appearance and adaptation to the conditions of an artificial reservoir.


The size of barbs does not exceed 10 cm. Energetic schooling fish are dangerous for small neighbors with long fins. They live in a spacious aquarium with similar temperamental neighbors. The most unpretentious aquarium fish. Sumatran barbus and cherry barbus.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


There are dozens of species of these peaceful and beautiful fish. Pink danios and danios-rerios remain popular. The maximum body size is 7 cm.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Beautiful, reach 4 cm in length. Hold flocks in quantities of 6 pieces. Easy to maintain and breeding. Cardinals get along well with other similar fish.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


A distinctive feature is the structure of the respiratory system. Breathe air and regenerate well. Aeration is not necessary for them. It is important to provide access to the air. That is why they are often called fish that live without oxygen.

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Aquarium fish up to 10 cm in length with a memorable appearance. Known as paradise fish. The tail fin of the macropode fish is distinguished by its large size and pointed shape. Scales shimmer in the light, giving shine. Aggressive and cruel, while caring parents.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Betta fish

Species have multi-colored voile fins. The length of the body is 6 cm. Demanding on the purity of the water, otherwise unpretentious. Take care of compatibility with neighbors. Fighting fish are aggressive towards lesser cohabitants, cichlids and other predators. Intraspecific conflicts between males are not uncommon.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Other families


Cute fish with a serpentine body up to 10 cm in length. They belong to the family of loops. Spend time in search of food among the soil, assistants in cleaning the aquarium. Recognizable by the yellow-brown color in the form of rings encircling the body. Lack of scales makes akantoftalmusov vulnerable to therapeutic drugs. Types of kühl and myers are popular.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Harder to keep

Among the undemanding aquarium inhabitants, there are species that are demanding on the quality and parameters of water: more attention and time to care for the aquarium.


Conditionally peaceful owners of a labyrinth respiratory organ. They require frequent maintenance of the aquarium and a large body of water. Timely soil cleaning and water changes will ensure a comfortable life for the guests. Grow up to 8 cm, painted with alternating bluish-green and orange stripes.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Permissible content in a spacious aquarium of 80 liters. Gourami need meticulous care than common hardy brethren. Pets with different color variations are active. Popular gourami marble, pearl gourami, rainbow and gold. Possible aggression from the males.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


You will need mild and slightly acidic water. Water changes should take place unnoticed. Neon fish do not need a large aquarium and are kept with peace-loving species. Grow up to 5 cm in length. Live longer at low temperatures of 18 degrees in a flock of representatives of their own species.

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20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Active contained in the pack. The body of the termination reaches 5 cm and is compressed on the sides Wide fins look unusual. Like other haracin, live in soft water.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Friendly, contained in a pack of 8-10 individuals. In subdued lighting the color becomes brighter. The combination of beauty and unpretentiousness makes tetras common among aquarists.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


In the family of tsikhlovyh more than 2 thousand species. Mostly predatory and territorial, take care of the offspring. Cichlids are demanding. Take care of the compatibility of the inhabitants and preserving the purity of the reservoir. Allocate the least whimsical, for example, the scalar and black-striped cichlase.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Cichlids with a diamond body, reaching 15 cm in length. Move smoothly and gracefully. Scalaria prefers live food with high protein content. Temperature 22-26 degrees, you need bright lighting and clean water.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Black stripes

They also call the tsikhlazoma striped. Large, inhabit the aquarium of 100 liters. Striped color attracts attention. Care of them includes periodic feeding, water change and condition monitoring. Aggressive during spawning.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


The appearance of somikas is recognizable, many people like their peaceful disposition. Unpretentious in food and content, catfish demonstrate endurance and vitality. They participate in cleaning the aquarium from uneaten feed and lower algae. Ideal neighbors for most fish. Large ancistrus and small catfish corridors are common. Popular species: speckled, spotted and cat pandas.


Grow up to 20 cm at home, so pick up an aquarium of 200 liters. Somica antsistrusa are thermophilic, the optimum temperature varies between 26-30 degrees.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish


Genus catfish with a body length of up to 7 cm. Contained in groups in soft water. In the afternoon they hide in shelters. Hours of activity come at night.

20 Of The Most Unpretentious Aquarium Fish

Selection rules

Unpretentious fish for the aquarium are selected based on the following characteristics:

  1. Compatibility of temperaments.
    Look at the habits of a certain type so that conflicts do not arise.
  2. Required conditions.
    For proper settlement, habitat requirements are taken into account. Considered comfortable temperature, acidity and water hardness.
  3. The size of an adult.
    A clear idea of ​​what size the fish will reach, will protect against common mistakes.
  4. School content
    Most small fish live in their natural habitats. For good well-being pets settled several individuals.
  5. Food habits
    In the inhabitants of the reservoir, food is produced at different levels: those who feed at the surface of the water and extract food from the bottom. Poor nutritional system adversely affects the health of pets.
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Settle similar in character aquarium inhabitants. You can not put predators and aggressive large fish with small peaceful species. Even calm big inhabitants can inadvertently eat small ones. Moving schooling fish will be bad neighbors for calm and sluggish species.

The number of fish for settlement

Universal rules for quantifying:

These recommendations do not take into account the characteristics of individual representatives. Each aquarist must choose the number of fish himself, watching the behavior of the wards and creating the maximum level of comfort for them.


  1. In an aquarium on 10 liters contain 4 guppies, cardinals or neons.
  2. For a flock of 4 danios, a pair of gourami or laliusov, a 20-liter capacity is enough.
  3. A flock of cherry or four-strip barbs can be settled in a 40-liter reservoir.
  4. On one Betta Fish. 2 liters of water.
  5. A pair of angelfish, black-striped tsiklazom or large gourami need an aquarium from 100 liters.
  6. Two small gourami settle in a 20-liter vessel.
  7. When settling catfish, the rest of the neighbors are often not taken into account, as the habitat occurs at different levels: the catfish stay at the bottom, and the rest inhabit the middle and upper tier.

Even the most unpretentious aquarium fish receive a minimum level of care and comfort. Unpretentious fish. sensitive and fragile creatures.

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