15 Best Aquarium Fish

Before you put an aquarium at home, it’s worth deciding which fish should live in it. Because some of them are not very friendly, others. require special care, and others. are very difficult for a beginner.

We have compiled a rating of 15 of the best aquarium fish that will suit both a novice and a professional in the establishment of such animals.

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the first place: Suitable for beginners, have a beautiful view.

Large and beautiful, quite unpretentious in the content of the fish. Predator, often eats small crustaceans and fry of neighbors in the aquarium. Lives long, up to 15 years. Needs a large and high aquarium.

Omnivorous, but in need of animal feed, including live food. for example, bloodworms. Suitable for general aquarium, but it is worth considering that it often shows aggressiveness to small species of fish. Often suffers from "neighbors" who bite the fins, which is also worth considering.


Mostly unpretentious;

Suitable for general aquarium.


There are whimsical views;

Needs a peaceful environment;

Often suffers from fish, biting fins.

Black stripes

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why second place: Unpretentious, but aggressive.

Quite a rare fish among novice aquarists. both because of its not very attractive appearance, and because of its aggressive nature. Indeed, black-shelled tsikhlazomy often attack other inhabitants of the aquarium, regardless of their size.

The main feature of these fish is the high rate of reproduction. They are able to spawn even in the general aquarium (where they should not be kept). Fish are undemanding even to the quality and composition of water. Like the scalar, they are predators and therefore need to be stern of animal origin.


Reproduce quickly and easily;

Not demanding on food.


It is better to contain separately;

Best unpretentious catfish for beginners

Mottled catfish corridor

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the first place: Peaceful, easy to maintain, not demanding to care.

It is recommended to keep in cool water (up to 25 degrees). When the temperature rises, the catfish’s metabolism accelerates and the life time shortens, which in optimal conditions is about 7 years. Omnivorous, eats only from the bottom. Active throughout the day.


Suitable for general aquarium;

Easy to breed.


Sensitive to water temperature;

Noisy, capable of making sounds.


Why second place: Easy to maintain, but. unlike the predecessor in the ranking. needs a large aquarium.

Better known as “catfish-stuck”, antsistrus is perfect for novice aquarists. In addition, it really cleans the walls of the tank from bacterial contamination, algae and animal food residues. It is unpretentious in maintenance. there is only one requirement: an aquarium must be from 100 liters capacity.

In addition, Antsistrus needs a bark or other artificial "grotto", where he will hide from other fish. It is omnivorous, consumes both plant food and animal feed. Like other catfish, it needs relatively cool water. from 25 degrees.

In ideal conditions, lives up to 10 years and grows up to 15 cm in size. And in nature, and up to a meter can vymahat.


Simple to keep;

Wholesome. cleans algae;

It feeds even vegetable food.


Needs a large aquarium;

Needs shelters;

It leaves a lot of waste, while maintaining a general aquarium, you need a good filter.

The most unpretentious viviparous fishes (family of the pets)


Why the first place: Beautiful, diverse and simple in content.

Molliesia is a common name for a group of species of the family of placium. Fish are suitable for beginner aquarists, as they require minimal maintenance. In addition, you can create a common aquarium from mollies alone. and still get a diverse biome. These fish are found in five different colors!

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Mollies needs a not very large aquarium. each fish requires 25 liters of volume. The main requirements are for water. it should be stable at a temperature of about 25 degrees, hard and even slightly salted. In other conditions, the fish do not feel very comfortable. Fish feed mainly on plant food.


Variety and popularity;

Suitable for a small aquarium;

Get on with other fish.


Sensitive to water characteristics;

Often suffer from fungi, especially in cold water;

They need thickets of plants.


15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the second place: Well suited for beginners aquarists, but do not get along well in the general aquarium.

Guppies are ideal for beginner aquarists, including children. Due to the small size they do not need large capacity, and the bright color attracts attention and pleases the eye. In addition, guppies are the most unpretentious fish in the ranking. They feel good in water of any composition and temperature. Is that when the content in the "extreme" conditions, they become pale, and the size of the tails decreases.

Guppies breed easily, even in the general aquarium. Eat any food, whether it be of plant or animal origin. However, due to their small size, combined with the huge “appetizing” tail, they often suffer from other inhabitants of the aquarium.


Easy to maintain;

Bright and varied colors.


For breeding pedigree fish still need to create suitable conditions;

Often suffer from other inhabitants of the aquarium;

Susceptible to diseases of the fins, including fungal.


15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the third place: Very simple in content, but are less common than guppies, and require a larger aquarium.

In terms of the content, the chilias are quite comparable with guppies. that is, they are suitable for beginner aquarists, even children, who are not particularly demanding on the quality and temperature of the water, eat everything and get along well in the general biome. Is that because of the larger size of these fish need more water. about 5-7 liters for each at least.

Petsilii very diverse. Yellow and black tones predominate in color. In addition, even in one brood there may be several colors. By the way, the partilias reproduce quite well in the general aquarium, although it is better to seed the fry from adult fish.


Diverse, but always beautiful view;

Simple to keep;

They multiply very quickly.


Fry need to be planted from adult fish;

Often suffer from other inhabitants of the aquarium;

It is impossible to predict the color of the offspring.


15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why fourth place: Unpretentious, beautiful, but quite aggressive towards each other.

Being close relatives of guppies and placiums, swordtails are distinguished by unpretentiousness to conditions of detention and food. They may well live in common aquariums, even of small size, which will please novice breeders. especially children.

However, the content should take into account two factors. First, the swordtails are quite aggressive towards each other, especially males. the very ones with a long tail fin. Secondly, these fish swim quickly and often jump out of the aquarium, which should be kept closed.


Beautiful and varied;

Unpretentious in keeping and breeding;

They multiply very quickly, even in the general aquarium.


Aggressive towards each other;

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Fry must be immediately removed from adult fish;

It is undesirable to keep more than one male in the aquarium.

The best aquarium fish of the carp family


15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the first place: Suitable for beginners aquarists and not too demanding on the conditions of detention.

Barbus is a common name for a family of several dozen species of aquarium fish. In the process of selection, they were distinguished not only by color, but also by form. However, the main character traits are preserved.

Barbusses are highly active. That is why they need a large aquarium. preferably from 50 liters for a flock of several fish. In addition, they. unlike other species in the ranking. need running water. Therefore, in the aquarium, it is desirable to create an artificial current.


Active, playful behavior;

Varied in color and shape;

Simple to keep.


Need a large, spacious aquarium;

It is advisable to choose a dark substrate for the aquarium;

Need an artificial stream in the aquarium.

gold fish

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the second place: Beautiful, but demanding to the content.

Goldfish are one of the most famous representatives of the carp family. They differ in diversity. there are both quite familiar types and very exotic ones. The complexity of the content is directly determined by the rarity of the breed.

Thus, the traditional goldfish are fairly simple in content. But voilehvostam or orandam require special conditions. But all these fish are very sensitive to the quality of the water, need a large aquarium and do not get along well with the "neighbors", because every now and then they try to bite off their fins.


Beautiful and varied;

Peaceful and calm;

With a single content suitable for novice aquarists.


Demanding on water quality;

Species with lush tails, as well as helmet-bearing, bubble-eyes, etc., need a large aquarium;

Poor live in the general aquarium, often suffer from predators.

Danio Rerio

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why third place: Suitable for beginners aquarists and small aquariums, but in itself is quite small.

Danio rerio is one of the first domesticated fish. It is distinguished by unpretentiousness and therefore suitable for novice aquarists. Beautiful appearance and active character make her a suitable pet, even for children.

The main advantage of the Danio-rerio. unpretentious, comparable to that of the guppy. This fish can live in water of any temperature, not demanding for hardness, salinity and even quality. However, it is a schooling one, so for an aquarium it is desirable to purchase at least 5 pieces of zebrafish.

The fish is well suited for keeping in a common aquarium, as it is easy to get along with small and medium low-aggressive neighbors.


The simplest in content is in the whole carp ranking;

Beautiful and active;

It feeds on vegetable and animal feed.


It is advisable to create an artificial current in the aquarium;

When water is high, temperatures are susceptible to various diseases;

Not at all suitable for solitary confinement.

The most unpretentious aquarium fish labyrinth family

Marble gourami

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the first place: Very unpretentious. It needs perhaps that in a large aquarium.

One of the few fish of the labyrinth family, which are perfect for the novice aquarist. It is demanding except to the volume of water. Marble gourams live poorly in small aquariums, give them a capacity of 80 liters. In addition, they are loners. It is undesirable to keep in the aquarium more than two marbles with gurus, as they will begin to fight each other.

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Marble gourami suitable for the total content in water temperatures up to 23-25 ​​degrees. In addition, these fish do not like currents. So in the same aquarium with danio-rerio, for example, it is better not to contain them.


Peaceful, calm disposition;

Easy to care.


Require an aquarium of large volumes;

It is quite difficult to breed;

Poor live with active fish, especially predators.

Betta fish

15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the second place: Simple and very undemanding in the content, but differ in aggressive behavior.

Betta Fish got its name not only for its bright, lush appearance, but also because of its aggressive nature. The males of this fish are rare proprietors, they do not like when there are still “fighters” of the same sex in the aquarium and regularly arrange fights. True, no fatalities, fortunately.

But Betta Fish is the real leader in terms of unpretentiousness. They can even contain a three-liter jar. Of course, it is desirable to create pleasant conditions for them. a temperature of 24-27 degrees, soft water, a volume of 30-50 liters for each male.


Bright, impressive color;

Well gets on in the general aquarium.


It is undesirable to keep more than one male in an aquarium;

In cold or too warm water can hurt;

For spawning, it is necessary to transplant the fish into a separate container.


15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the third place: Beautiful and unpretentious, but also aggressive towards each other.

Gourami on behavior and features of the content are quite similar to Betta Fish, except that they have not such a spectacular appearance. They are also very, very unpretentious, special conditions of care do not require. it is necessary only to provide them with constant access to the surface, where they will breathe air.

As a result, the aquarium, which contains gourami, should be equipped with a cover with a lamp. It is also worth considering that the males of these fish are aggressive to each other. and they can even fight with representatives of other breeds. Therefore, when keeping several gourami in an aquarium, it is desirable to either increase its volume to 100 or more liters, or to make a lot of shelters and koryag (or better, both).


Very easy to maintain;

Get along in the general aquarium.


Males gourami fight among themselves;

Difficult in breeding;

Need a closed aquarium.

The best aquarium fish family haratsinovye


15 Best Aquarium Fish

Why the first place: Simple in content, beautiful and active.

Ternesia is a schooling and very active fish, one of the most nimble in the ranking. She is constantly worn in the aquarium, which is able to please even the most restless observer. The terntions swim so fast that they often jump out of the water. therefore it is advisable to keep them in a covered container.

Since the fish is active, it needs an aquarium from 60 liters. In such a capacity a flock of 6-8 terntions can dwell. The quality of water fish undemanding, but the ideal conditions for them is a natural biotope with many plants, sandy bottom and even fallen leaves, leading to acidification of the environment.


Active, playful behavior;

Suitable for general aquarium;

Undemanding to water quality.


Often jumps out of the water;

Ideal conditions for ternation are poorly compatible with ideal conditions for other fish;

Sometimes they cut off fins to fishes with lush fins.

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